spiritswhiskey/bourbonHeaven’s Door Spirits Releases The Bootleg Series Vol III


Heaven’s Door Spirits Releases The Bootleg Series Vol III, named in tribute to founder and legendary musician Bob Dylan’s famed series of album collections, the Bootleg Series. This 2021 Bootleg Series release features a cask strength 13-year-old Kentucky bourbon, finished in Vino de Naranja Casks. See master distiller’s notes:

Bob Dylan’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Vino De Naranja Casks

60.3% ABV 750 ML 120.6 proof

Age: 13 Years

Proof: 121.2 

ABV: 60.6%

Nose: Rich and approachable body with notes of grilled peach, rye, and buttered popcorn.

Palate: Sweet and spicy with notes of dark honey, black pepper, cherry and toasted oak.

Finish: Sugared with notes of cream soda, candied orange, chocolate and graham cracker.

We have one bottle available of this extremely limited series. $499. Come see us or call for availability. 

FUNFACT: The Bootleg Series Vol III comes in a handmade ceramic bottle featuring Bob Dylan’s painting, Sunday Afternoon, which showcases radiant coloring and brush strokes to illustrate a boating scene from the shore. Each bottle is housed in an individually numbered, handmade leather journal with ornate detailing that nods to traditional Southern Spanish architecture.

Native to Southern Spain, these casks are used to age an exclusive type of white wine utilizing a fully natural process that creates what’s described as a unique hue of orange in the finished wine. Bottled at cask strength, Heaven’s Door secondarily aged its mature Kentucky bourbon for almost a year in Vino de Naranja Casks, imparting what they feel is a subtle sweetness, dark amber color and a multi-layered flavor profile.