from the CellarOrdóñez Introduces Spanish Boxed Wine Quadrum

Jorge Ordóñez Wines, in 1987, revolutionized the sale of Spanish wine on an international level. They changed the world’s perception of Spanish wine known from being low quality to a high quality, globally respected, Premium entity by focusing on quality control standards and shipping standards and requirements.

So it is extra exciting that they have released their first line of PREMIUM Spanish boxed wine.

Quadrum Wine Company (owned by Ordonez) was founded in June 2020 by Monica and Victor Ordóñez. Their vision is to rejuvenate, redefine, and set the standard for the boxed fine wine experience. Their roots are grounded in three generations in the Spanish fine wine business, where our signature commitment has always been to an unapologetic obsession with quality. See how Ordóñez changed global perception of Spanish wines.

Several years ago, they saw an opportunity in the boxed wine segment for thoughtfully crafted wine, packaged in this unique format, from sustainably farmed vineyards, at an accessible price.

The boxed wine experience has always meant affordability while sacrificing quality and careful sourcing of quality vineyard sites. A product never considered for experienced wine drinkers, boxed wine was synonymous with mass production and a lack of connection to those producers and families that make bottled wine so unique.

In contrast, our mission is to educate and delight wine novices and experts alike with fine wine made accessible through sustainable production and crafted with intentional winemaking and a commitment to excellence

Quadrum Wine Company

Quadrum Boxed Wine is availae in three options: a red blend, a white blend, & a rose.