from the CellarCorners 2022 Winery of the Year: J Vineyards

Introducing our Corners Winery of the Year: J Vineyards

To celebrate our favorite winery of 2022, All NOVEMBER & DECEMBER:

*Buy Six (6) bottles, Mix & Match, Receive 10% Discount

*Buy Twelve 12) Bottles, Mix & Match, & Receive 20% Case Discount

Offer good thru Dec. 31, 2022

About J Vineyards:

As a traditional-method sparkling producer, J Vineyards incorporates many old-world techniques and traditions into its winemaking. At J Vineyards, all sparkling fruit is hand-harvested at night in cool temperatures to ensure the grapes remain in peak condition. An ultra-gentle pressing in our Coquard presses (rarely found in the U.S., and one of very few in California) prevents astringency or bitterness, and ensures a clean, refreshing mouthfeel. And the same high level of attention and care is poured into each still varietal as well, creating a portfolio that is consistently lauded and always enjoyed.

About their Winemaking