from the CellarThe McBride Sisters: Black Girl Magic & Beyond

“What we’re doing today is going to be a foundation for the future. Black Girl Magic is about celebrating the beauty, power, resilience of all the women that came before us, all the women doing it today and all the women that are going to be doing it in the future.” –Andréa McBride John, Co-owner/Founder: McBride Sisters Winery, SHE CAN spritzers, Black Girl Magic Wines, Reserve Wines

Robin and Andrea McBride are entrepreneurial boss women & biological sisters. They are the owners/founders of McBride Sisters, the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S. Beyond the wine itself – which consists of their inaugural Reserve Wines, SHE CAN spritzers, Black Girl Magic Wines, and their name’s sake collection – the McBrides have also established the She Can Fund, which provides professional development scholarships for aspiring Black, female leaders. 

Did you also know these sisters were raised literally half a world apart, met in adulthood and bonded over their love of WINE. 

Oh they also have partnered with Simon & Shutter for a wine & book club.


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